Friday, July 15, 2016

Ripple effect

How revenue losses for state utilities played into the decision to relax water conservation rules in California

Water use varies dramatically across regions and between wet and dry years. PUBLIC POLICY INSTITUTE OF CALIFORNIA


Sacramento Bee

It wasn't just generous spring rains filling reservoirs that had California's urban water districts pushing back so hard against mandatory water cuts this year. All those brown lawns and shorter showers have cost millions in customer revenue. As water use plummeted because of the statewide conservation orders, many water agencies struggled to cover operating costs.


Call for a ban on recycled oil field wastewater

Los Angeles Times

Organizers of a petition drive to ban the practice of irrigating crops with recycled oil field wastewater will be pitching their cause Saturday to customers at markets in nine cities across the state. Protect California Food is asking Gov. Jerry Brown and the State Water Resources Board to halt use of the recycled water until it is screened for all of the chemicals used in oil production.


What's the dollar value of ocean resources?

Los Angeles Times

The open ocean around San Diego, Hawaii and Peru generates at least $17 billion worth of resources each year, according to a study by San Diego researchers. The study calculated values for items sold on the market, such as fish, but also quantified the benefits of carbon capture, recreation and biodiversity.

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