Friday, July 14, 2017

Better options?

Opponents of Delta tunnels push alternative strategies

Anaheim Lake is one of Orange County Water District's groundwater recharge basins. Critics of California WaterFix say more aggressive groundwater recharge, along with other storage and efficiency projects, could reduce the need for the costly new conveyance system in the Delta. FLORENCE LOW / DWR


Water Deeply

In June, two federal agencies gave their blessings to the controversial project to build two water conveyance tunnels under California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Environmental groups promptly sounded the alarm that the state's California WaterFix project would not, as its backers claim, solve the matrix of problems plaguing the Delta and the people and creatures relying on it. But if not WaterFix, then what? Opponents still believe that better options exist.


MWD panel reviews white paper on Cal WaterFix

Maven's Notebook

The Metropolitan Special Committee on the Delta and the Water Planning and Stewardship Committee had a joint meeting and workshop Monday to discuss the California WaterFix project. This was the first of a series that will prepare MWD directors to make a decision on whether to go ahead with the project at its Sept. 12 board meeting. The focus of this workshop was the first white paper staff has produced on the infrastructure of the proposal.


Land deal preserves scenic Lake Tahoe meadows

Mercury News

A breathtaking landscape of Sierra Nevada meadows, forests and wetlands larger than San Francisco's Golden Gate Park will be preserved from development under a $10 million deal that closes today. A coalition of conservation groups feared the land would be developed for a golf course or housing. So the groups stepped in to acquire the property when it was about to hit the market.