Thursday, July 14, 2016

Elusive deal

House keeps California water provision in spending bill

By a nearly party line 181-248 vote Wednesday, the House rejected a bid to erase the 21 pages of California water provisions from the 184-page funding bill.

Los Angeles Times & McClatchy

Provisions aimed at moving water across the state remain in an appropriations bill after House Republicans rebuffed California Democrats' attempts to have it removed Wednesday. With no signs of Capitol Hill compromise evident, the prospects for a final deal on an ambitious California water package first introduced in 2011 seem bleak.


State releases revised fees for water systems

Association of California Water Agencies

The State Water Resources Control Board has re-noticed the public water system annual operating fee regulations to revise the proposed fee schedule. Written comments on the proposed modifications must be submitted by 5 p.m. July 29.


DWR celebrates 60 years of state water history

Department of Water Resources

To mark the California Department of Water Resources' 60th anniversary, the latest edition of DWR Magazine takes a look the history that started in 1956. It includes stories of the people and projects that have had an impact on the department's history, along with details of some of the current priorities.

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