Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bilateral pact

U.S., Mexico reach accord on Tijuana River watershed

The Tijuana River watershed spans portions of Baja California and San Diego County, covering 1,735 miles, an area roughly the size of Rhode Island. About two-thirds of its area is in Mexico. SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY / SanGIS


San Diego Union-Tribune

The United States and Mexico are preparing to sign an agreement to address issues of sediment, trash and polluted stormwater that for years have plagued the Tijuana River watershed. The binding agreement, known as a minute, aims to set up a framework to formally address three major issues: sediment control, solid waste management and water quality.


Disputed river water will go to west Valley farmers

Fresno Bee

Federal officials Tuesday will begin releasing a disputed allotment of San Joaquin River water from Millerton Lake to a group of west San Joaquin Valley growers with water rights dating back to the 1870s. East-Valley growers last week had argued the unexpected allotment belonged to them, citing an agreement this year with the west-side growers over water in Millerton.


Water agencies resist bill to report water losses

KPCC Public Radio

While water consumers are pressed to save every drop in the continuing drought, water utilities keep poor track of how much of their supply is lost before it ever reaches faucets — and at least some are resisting a bill to make them report those losses more frequently.

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