Friday, July 10, 2015

<< Sacramento County judge blocks state from enforcing curtailment order sent to a San Joaquin County water district

Recycled bill

House pushes legislation to pump more Delta water

Fishing by boat in the shadow of the Antioch Bridge on the Delta waters of the San Joaquin River in Oakley. MICHAEL MACOR / San Francisco Chronicle

SF Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

House Republicans from the San Joaquin Valley advanced legislation Thursday that would deliver more water to their constituents, a replay of their failed efforts throughout California's four-year drought. The legislation cleared the Natural Resources Committee on a largely party-line vote. No public hearings on the legislation took place.


State unveils revised blueprint for Delta tunnels

Sacramento Bee

Gov. Jerry Brown's administration took a significant step Thursday toward building a pair of water tunnels through the Delta, unveiling the fine print on a redesign that state officials say would reduce impacts on the landscape, improve conditions for endangered fish and enhance water supplies for millions of Southern Californians.


Project to gauge if winter irrigation refills aquifers

Modesto Bee

Some of those concerned with the groundwater debate maintain that flood irrigation of crops can be an effective way of refilling aquifers. The University of California Cooperative Extension in Stanislaus County is working on a pilot project to test the theory.

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