Thursday, July 9, 2015

Revenues dry up, too

Districts face billion-dollar loss due to conservation

ACWA submitted a comment letter to the State Water Board in advance of the workshop outlining suggested roles the board may take to help agencies adopt effective pricing structures. ACWA


KOVR Sacramento & ACWA

California's water districts are facing a billion-dollar loss as residents and businesses conserve water during the drought. With many cutting their water use by more than 25 percent, they're paying less on their water bill, which means less for water districts that rely on that money to keep their systems operating.


New drought relief, recycling bills introduced

San Gabriel Valley Tribune & McClatchy

A San Rafael congressman has introduced an omnibus drought relief bill that will compete with Republican drought response bills. Meanwhile, another new bill could help accelerate the construction of wastewater recycling facilities in California in a bid to improve severe drought conditions in the state.


Fish extinction 'likely': Delta smelt index at zero

Stockton Record

It’s been nearly 60 years since a species went extinct in the Delta, but the latest survey of the diminutive Delta smelt makes their demise “increasingly likely” this year. Researchers found only one smelt in a pair of weeklong surveys across the estuary in early June.

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