Thursday, July 7, 2016

Way to go!

Big drops in urban water use; state saves 28% in May

The California Water Resources Control Board says the 28 percent May water conservation rate, compared to May 2013, was "phenomenal." CAPITAL PUBLIC RADIO

Capital Public Radio

San Francisco Chronicle

Californians are saving an extraordinary amount of water, new records show, even after winter rains prompted state regulators to begin easing drought-driven restrictions on cities and towns. The State Water Resources Control Board reported Wednesday that urban water use dropped 28.2 percent in May, following an impressive 26.1 percent reduction in April.


Lake Mead officials are fending off a water war

Los Angeles Times

This may be what the start of a water war looks like. Drought is draining the West's largest reservoir, Lake Mead, to historic low levels. Yet if war is really imminent, why is one of the region's most experienced water managers doing the same thing he has done for years: tinkering?


Districts use new data to gauge water efficiency

Ars Technica

The challenge of water availability rises beyond engineering. It becomes a delicate dance managing demand, forecasting supply, and sustaining ecosystems. IBM's Watson machine learning system is telling water utilities something they would love to know: how efficiently their customers are using water.

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