Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Court reversal

Delta interests get another delay on sale of 5 islands

The deal had been expected to close as soon as next week, after the 3rd District Court of Appeal on Thursday lifted an order that had delayed the purchase for several weeks. GOOGLE MAPS

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Stockton Record

Delta interests won another last-minute, temporary reprieve Friday in their efforts to block the controversial $175 million purchase of about 20,000 acres of land in the fragile estuary. Twice now, the sale of land to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has been within hours or days of consummation only to be delayed by the courts. The sale originally was supposed to close June 8.


Study: Droughts caused mainly by changes in wind

Science Daily

Droughts in California are mainly controlled by wind — not by the amount of evaporated moisture in the air — new research has found. The research increases the understanding of how the water cycle is related to extreme events and could eventually help in predicting droughts and floods.


State needs more groundwater data, scientists say

Palm Springs Desert Sun

The more scientists study California's declining supplies of groundwater, the more they're emphasizing one basic point: We still don't know nearly enough about the water in our aquifers, and we need a lot more data. That was one of the main takeaways in separate research by two groups of Stanford researchers last week.

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