Thursday, July 2, 2015

Big savings

Californians cut water use 29% in May — a record

The homeowners association at Sun City Shadow Hills in Indio has been incorporating desert landscaping into areas like this catch water basin. MARILYN CHUNG / The Desert Sun

Desert Sun

Sacramento Bee & SWRCB

Urban Californians reduced their water consumption by 28.9 percent in May, state officials said Wednesday, the most severe decline since Gov. Jerry Brown called on the state's residents to begin saving last year. The figures released by the State Water Resources Control Board suggest Californians have become a lot more serious about conservation as the drought stretches into its fourth year. Conservation hit only 14 percent in April and 3.6 percent in March.


State issues toughest-in-the-nation fracking rules

Los Angeles Times

State officials on Wednesday formally adopted new rules governing hydraulic fracturing in California, setting in motion some of the toughest guidelines in the nation for the controversial oil extraction practice. The oil and gas agency also released its environmental impact report that concluded fracking could have "significant and unavoidable impacts" on a number of fronts, including air quality, greenhouse gas emissions and public safety.


California's newest list of impaired waterways

Environmental Protection Agency

More than 40,000 miles of California's rivers and streams are threatened by pollution, according to a list of impaired waterways submitted by the state to the EPA. Monitoring of rivers, lakes and coastal waters in California continue to show harmful pollutant levels, based on updates to the list from three of the state's nine regional Water Quality Control Boards.

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