Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Back, for the future

Emergency drought project reverses flow in Delta canal

Nine giant pumps will reverse the flow over a 62-mile stretch of the Delta-Mendota Canal. MARK PEPPER / KXTV Sacramento


KXTV Sacramento

In a desperate move to keep six Northern California water districts from going dry, the Delta-Mendota Canal will carry water uphill for the first time in its history. Nine giant pumps are being installed in three locations to lift canal water a total of 18 feet along a 62-mile stretch from the San Luis Reservoir in Merced County to the city of Tracy in San Joaquin County.


California burnin': Drought's cycle takes its toll

Washington Post

The worst California drought in recorded history has stressed out the trees, which are dying by the millions. The dead trees produce fuel for wildfires, which in turn are harder to fight because the state's reservoirs are depleted, which means fire-fighting helicopters have to fly further and further away to refill their tanks, which gives the fires more time to spread.

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