Monday, June 27, 2016

It's apocalyptic

A perfect storm is brewing for California's fire season

This map provides general locations of major fires burning in California. FIRE.CA.GOV

Cal Fire

Water Deeply & Los Angeles Times

A bark beetle epidemic driven by drought is killing off millions of trees in the Sierra Nevada and increasing the fire risk as California starts another summer of drought and higher temperatures. For residents around Lake Isabella, for example, the Erskine fire seemed to strike without warning. Many ran for their lives as the wind-whipped fire barreled from the foothills down into the tiny towns east of Bakersfield.


Sacramento region: 'We've got plenty of water'

Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento region's largest water districts have given a resounding answer to the question of whether they could handle three more years of drought: We have plenty of water. Each of the 10 largest districts in the Sacramento region told the state last week that their water supplies are healthy and there is no need to impose mandatory percentage-based cuts again this year.


Corals are the sad story that can change the world

Honolulu Civil Beat

In the case of global climate change, convincing the world that time is of the essence has been no easy task for the scientific community. Coral reefs, however, which have been devastated by the "longest and most widespread" bleaching event on record, are telling a story that may shine a global spotlight on the the seriousness of the threat.

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