Friday, June 24, 2016

Court clarifies

Judge throws out the Delta Plan, twin tunnels — for now

The ruling clarifies that in light of the Court's deficiencies in the Delta Plan, it is invalid and must be set aside until proper revisions are completed. DELTA STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL

Chico Enterprise-Record & Maven's Notebook

A Sacramento Superior Court judge's decision in May — and a court-issued clarification this week — invalidated the Delta Plan because it did not meet the laws passed by the state Legislature in 2009. Because the plan was invalidated, the questions about compliance with environmental review laws don't apply, Judge Michael Kenny stated in a six-page document released Thursday. Kenny was very clear: The Delta Plan is invalid.


Why are agencies ending mandatory water limits?

Palm Springs Desert Sun

The Coachella Valley has slashed its water use nearly 25 percent over the past year in response to California's drought. Now residents face a new conservation mandate: zero percent. Statewide rules limiting water waste are still in effect, but urban water suppliers are calculating their own targets based on local water conditions.


Climate change tips scales toward more wildfires

KQED San Francisco & Climate Central

The 2016 wildfire season has barely begun and dozens of large wildfires have already raged through Western states, with hundreds of thousands of acres burned. These are not just random events. Climate change is producing conditions ripe for wildfires, tipping the scales in favor of the dramatic increases in large wildfires seen across the West since the 1970s.

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