Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Change of venue

Stockton judge won't hear farmers' case over water cuts

Banta-Carbona Irrigation District is among more than 100 century-old water-right holders who are questioning whether water cuts ordered by the State Water Resources Control Board are required. CLIFFORD OTO / Stockton Record

Stockton Record

San Francisco Chronicle & Stockton Record

Dozens of Central Valley farmers who hoped a Stockton judge would come to their aid and fend off sweeping state water restrictions imposed on some of California's most senior water rights holders were dealt a blow Tuesday when the court declined to hear their case, citing a potential for "local prejudices." The judge said the case must be heard in another county, but attorneys now are questioning whether the cuts actually are required in the first place.


Troubled Delta system: State’s water battleground

New York Times

Fighting over water is a tradition in California, but nowhere are the lines of dispute more sharply drawn than in the Delta. In the fourth year of a profound drought, the Delta has become a central battle zone, pitting north against south, farmers against environmental groups, farmers against one another and many local residents against California’s governor, whose plan to fix the Delta’s problems upsets them almost as much as the drought itself.


How to manage a drought: Just ask an economist

California Water Blog

California has long benefited from the insights of economists, though their ranks in state water agencies are thinning. Luckily, the state has a wealth of young, talented economists already active in public water policy. Here's what five of them say California should be doing to prepare for a fifth year of drought and beyond.

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