Thursday, June 22, 2017

Peak heat

As wave persists, wildfire threat grows across California

California's worst heat wave in more than a decade is expected to peak today. MERCURY NEWS

Mercury News

Los Angeles Times & Mercury News

A punishing heat wave that brought record temperatures to California this week may be easing, but the risk of wildfire was expected to grow today as a result of continued warmth, increased winds and lush ground cover, according to the National Weather Service. In the Sacramento Valley, temperatures could reach as high as 112 degrees through Saturday, while wind gusts could hit 30 mph in the foothills.


Providing clean water for a growing population

University of California

Engineers at UC Riverside have developed a new way to recover almost 100 percent of the water from highly concentrated salt solutions. The system will alleviate water shortages in arid regions and reduce concerns surrounding high salinity brine disposal, such as hydraulic fracturing waste.


New report on short-term water demand forecasts

Water Research Foundation

The Water Research Foundation has just published a new report to help utilities understand the various approaches to short-term water demand forecasting. This project focuses on prediction over a time horizon of less than 10 years, and is intended to inform decisions regarding budgeting, revenue planning, rate design, program implementation, and efficient management of system operations.