Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Stubborn snow

As summer nears, historic winter still grips high country

Dirt roads inside the Berkeley Echo Lake Camp remain impassable as snow continues to melt outside South Lake Tahoe. LANCE IVERSEN / San Francisco Chronicle

S.F. Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

Winter is horning in on summer in the California mountains, just as swarms of seasonal sojourners are itching to head for the hills. Summer officially begins Wednesday, but winter storms deposited so much snow in the Sierra, Cascade and Siskiyou ranges that roads are still being plowed, tent sites are still being dug out and damage is still being assessed.


Western heat wave accelerates runoff in Sierra

KPIX San Francisco

Heavy rains and snow this past winter have left rivers flowing higher than average and reservoirs near capacity. Now, this week's heat wave is causing even more runoff in the Sierra. And officials are warning that this is not the summer to swim in the rivers.


Town's only well & primary water source runs dry

Redwood Times

For the first time in recent memory, Phillipsville's primary water source, a 35-foot deep well in a nearby floodplain, ran dry earlier this month. Construction on a new well is underway, but in the meantime, water district customers in this Humboldt County community have been asked to reduce their water use.