Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Safety tests

State orders in-depth inspection of more than 50 dams

Lopez and Whale Rock dams may have design flaws, state says. SAN LUIS OBISPO TRIBUNE

SLO Tribune

Los Angeles Times & San Luis Obispo Tribune

In light of the crisis at Oroville Dam in February, state regulators have begun ordering up-close inspections of aging dams throughout California. Dozens of letters have been sent as regulators continue to reevaluate the state's flood-control infrastructure after Oroville Dam's spillway eroded. The Division of Safety of Dams is prioritizing dams for further, local assessment by age, the size of their concrete structures and the amount of water they're impounding.


Why years of waiting may be over on Delta tunnels

Sacramento Bee

Love it or hate it, the Delta tunnels project is reaching a decision point. The state's most powerful water agencies have set a September goal to decide whether they're going pay for the biggest and most controversial water project California has undertaken since the 1960s: Gov. Jerry Brown's $15.5 billion plan for re-engineering the fragile estuary on Sacramento's doorstep.


New water plant to serve west Hollister and beyond

San Benito County News

In just a few short weeks, when residents on the west side of Hollister turn on their faucets, they will be receiving water from a new source. They may not even realize the water is cleaner, softer and better tasting than what they're accustomed to. The water will be coming down from the new, $24.5 million West Hills Water Treatment Plant, just across from San Justo Reservoir.