Friday, June 12, 2015

For the first time in 40 years, California moves to restrict water pumping by pre-1914 rights holders


State AG challenges ruling against tiered water rates

Prices are one way for utilities to encourage conservation, so that they do not have to expand supply with expensive new canals. J. CARL GANTER / Circle of Blue

Circle of Blue

Riverside Press-Enterprise & Los Angeles Times

Tiered pricing might not be dead as a tool to encourage water conservation. The attorney general’s office has asked the state Supreme Court to depublish a controversial ruling that it argues will impede the state's ability to encourage conservation by charging people higher rates when they use excessive amounts of water. In April, an appellate court found that the tier system was unconstitutional.


Israel water experts offer drought-busting tips

KCRA Sacramento

With California now stuck in its fourth consecutive year of a drought, the Golden State is looking for new ways to save water. Thursday, water technology experts from Israel came to Sacramento City Hall, demonstrating smart ways to secure water from a desert.


7 lessons in groundwater management: Arizona

Water in the West / Stanford University

It is worth remembering that other parts of the West are much drier than California and have been coping with water shortages for decades. As the first state to pass a comprehensive set of groundwater regulations in 1980, Arizona offers a potentially useful lens for its western neighbors managing increasing water demands and diminishing groundwater resources in an arid climate.

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