Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tier challenge

Riverside sues the state over water conservation rules

Riverside Public Utilities' John W. North Water Treatment Plant produces millions of gallons of drinkable water in Grand Terrace. RIVERSIDE PRESS-ENTERPRISE

Riverside P-E

Riverside Press-Enterprise

The City of Riverside has filed a lawsuit asking a judge to void the state's emergency drought regulations. Riverside has its own groundwater supplies from the Bunker Hill Basin and is independent of imported water, so its conservation targets should be at the lowest possible level, Kevin Milligan, deputy general manager at Riverside Public Utilities, said Monday.


Colorado River Basin agreements take shape

Circle of Blue

With water levels in Lake Mead, the nation's largest reservoir and a bellwether for water supplies in the Southwest, setting a new record low every day, the seven states of the Colorado River Basin are finalizing a pair of novel water conservation agreements that will keep more water in the shrinking lake.


Drought barrier wreaking havoc on Delta currents

Bay Area News Group

Ever since the state's salinity barrier stopped water from flowing through a segment of False River on May 29 — a last-ditch drought effort to keep salty bay water from encroaching on the clean Delta drinking water — the currents have shifted dramatically, endangering boaters and threatening nearby levees.

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