Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Built, but idle

Clean drinking water fight focuses on gaps in funding

After sitting idle for 10 years the arsenic treatment plant won't be getting revamped. The state found clean water near the plant when they dug a well recently. EZRA DAVID ROMERO / KVPR Fresno


KVPR Fresno

Water problems have plagued the Fresno County community of Lanare for so long, it may feel like there's nothing left to do but joke about them. The community is coping with arsenic-tainted water while a treatment plant in the center of town sits idle. In a continuing KVPR series, reporters return to Lanare to learn why infrastructure projects aren't always enough, and how Sacramento is trying to ensure that what occurred in Lanare never happens again.


Failing Tijuana sewage plant in line for overhaul

San Diego Union-Tribune

Baja California is moving ahead with plans to expand and upgrade its failing San Antonio de los Buenos sewage treatment plant on Tijuana's coast, and expects to launch construction next year, a state official said. The $24.7 million project will upgrade existing wastewater treatment ponds at the 30-year-old facility just south of the border with San Diego County.


Stanford scholars discuss state of infrastructure

Stanford University

More details about President Donald Trump's infrastructure plan should come to light this week on a proposed $1 trillion investment over 10 years in the nation's roads, bridges, waterways and other structures. Stanford scholars Francis Fukuyama and Raymond Levitt talk about how those funds could be used and which projects should be prioritized.