Monday, June 6, 2016

Water rush

Senate bill would ban drilling new wells in parts of state

California residents struggle as groundwater levels drop below the reach of their wells. STEVE ELFERS & IAN JAMES / Palm Springs Desert Sun

Desert Sun

Palm Springs Desert Sun

Two years ago, California adopted historic legislation to move toward managing the state's aquifers, many of which are declining rapidly due to overpumping. A bill approved Thursday by the state Senate would clamp down on a "water rush" by prohibiting the drilling of most new wells in places where aquifers are in "critical overdraft."


Del Mar climate action plan may influence others

KPBS San Diego

Tonight, the Del Mar City Council will consider a draft Climate Action Plan that contains benchmarks similar to the ambitious goals adopted by San Diego last year. Several cities around San Diego County are on the verge of approving updated climate action plans, which could add to a growing momentum for change.


Why Inland agencies are easing water restrictions

Riverside Press-Enterprise

Stringent local water conservation rules that led some homeowners to rip out their lawns or fume over higher water bills are being thrown out in parts of the Inland region and elsewhere in California after the state dropped emergency drought restrictions.

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