Monday, June 5, 2017

JPA talks

Water agencies seek a bigger role in Delta twin tunnels

Talks among Brown's office, state agencies and the water contractors that could lessen the state's hands-on role in one of California's biggest water projects in decades have been underway since May. MIKE ORCUTT / KCRA Sacramento

KCRA Sacramento

Los Angeles Times / AP

California's powerful regional water districts are working alongside Gov. Brown to take on more responsibility for designing, building and arranging financing for a $15.7 billion twin-tunnel project that would ship water south from Northern California as they push to close the deal on the controversial plan, two officials working closely on the project told the Associated Press.


Delta fish recovering from drought, biologists say

KNTV San Jose

Every day, a team of biologists from U.S. Fish and Wildlife venture out into the Delta dragging fishing nets along predetermined routes to catch and record which fish are in the area. The researchers said the recent years of drought took a toll on the Delta's fish population, but a winter of heavy rains seems to be reversing their freefall.


Caffeine could be harming waterways, wildlife

Water Deeply

What would we do without caffeine? Millions of Americans rely on it in coffee, tea and energy drinks. But recent testing has found low levels of caffeine — even in relatively remote waterways around the West. Studies show it may be harmful to some wildlife species, but more research is needed.