Friday, June 2, 2017

Critical overdraft

Bill requiring well-drilling information sparks debate

Workers drill an agricultural well in Tulare County in 2015. Well drillers have been busy replacing wells that have gone dry in the San Joaquin Valley. IAN JAMES / Palm Springs Desert Sun

Desert Sun

Palm Springs Desert Sun

California farmers have long been able to get permits to drill new wells in areas where groundwater levels are falling without publicly saying how much water they intend to pump. That would change under a bill approved this week. The Senate legislation is designed to bring transparency to the well-drilling permit system and let neighbors know before a new well is drilled.


Sen. Feinstein visits the Valley to talk water, ag

KFSN Fresno, KGPE Fresno & Fresno Bee

Farmworkers harvesting garlic Thursday at Terra Nova Farm near Helm had an unexpected visitor: Sen. Dianne Feinstein. California's senior Democrat made a trip to the Central Valley to talk agriculture and water — and told a Fresno audience the decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord was "a huge and reckless choice."


DWR responds to Oroville's call for assistance

Chico Enterprise-Record

Although the list of what is wanted that was presented at last week's Oroville Strong! launch is long and specific, a response from the Department of Water Resources is still in formation. But it appears that the state department is willing to help, and there may be assistance coming from those who use the water from Lake Oroville.