Monday, June 1, 2015

Use less, or else

New state-mandated water conservation rules in effect

It's June 1, which means Gov. Jerry Brown's mandatory water cutbacks take effect today. JAY CALDERON / Palm Springs Desert Sun

Desert Sun

KGO San Francisco & Palm Springs Desert Sun

Get ready to use 20 percent less water — or else. Tough new restrictions on water usage take effect today across the state because of California's continuing drought. With the state mired in the fourth year of a historic drought, Gov. Jerry Brown has ordered cities and towns to use 25 percent less water than they did in 2013, starting this month.


Coalition opposes bill language on water systems

Association of California Water Agencies

A coalition of statewide local government organizations lobbied and sent a letter Friday opposing proposed budget trailer bill language that would authorize the State Water Resources Control Board to mandate consolidation of public water systems.


Drought throws cold water on swimming pools

San Francisco Chronicle

Once a pillar of suburban comfort, the backyard swimming pool is now the prey of many California communities trying to save water. As a fourth dry year looms, some pool owners are finding it easier to throw in the towel rather than play by the rules, and they’re simply doing away with the fixture.

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