Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tiny tests

Scale replica helps to repair damaged Oroville spillway

Zachary Sharp (left) and Michael Johnson of the Utah Water Research Laboratory walk along the scale model Oroville Dam spillway they built to help study repairs to the structure. MATTHEW JENSEN / Utah State University

Utah State

Water Deeply

When it comes to repairing the tallest dam in America, sometimes it helps to shrink the problem to a more manageable size. That's why California water officials are relying on a scale model of the damaged spillway at Oroville Dam to plan their repairs. About 50 tests have been run on the model since March to simulate the hydraulic forces acting on the structure. More are planned in the weeks ahead.


New model: Monterey's innovative water recycling

KCBX San Luis Obispo

Californians are used to the idea of recycling cans, bottles and paper. But the idea of recycling water is a little hard for some to swallow. Other water recycling plants, like the one in Orange County, only use wastewater. Pure Water Monterey will be the first of its kind to use four different sources of water.


Winter rains bring new threat for West firefighters

The Hill

The deluge of storms that soaked drought-parched California in the winter, filling reservoirs and packing snow on the Sierra Nevada, also brought hope that the state would get some relief after years of devastating forest fires. But now officials are worried about a new threat, one that could put thousands of homes in Western states at risk of a different kind of fire.