Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ripple effect

EPA's new Clean Water Rule creates swirl of reactions

The Clean Water Rule, drafted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers, extends the Clean Water Act’s protections to all tributaries with signs of flowing water. THE HILL

The Hill

Los Angeles Times

The Obama administration finalized new regulations Wednesday that it says will protect streams, rivers and wetlands that provide drinking water to more than 117 million Americans. Environmental groups applauded the changes, but critics in Congress have vowed to block them, and opponents have said they are planning litigation to challenge many of their provisions.


Some California farmers share the drought burden

New York Times

A group of California water rights-holders have volunteered to cut their water use significantly to avoid steeper cuts later on. The state water board plans to conduct spot checks to ensure that rights-holders are adhering to their 25 percent commitment. But the agreement won’t fix the state’s larger inability to accurately measure its agricultural water use.


10 ways feds can help ease drought in the West

California Water Blog

Since the onset of California's drought emergency 16 months ago, federal agencies and Congress have been seeking to help the state through funding and new and existing legislation. Here are 10 recommendations for new federal actions.

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