Friday, May 27, 2016

Reversing course

State considers letting 2 Delta districts off the hook

Water from the Mountain House development in Tracy is supplied with water from the California Aqueduct via this Byron-Bethany Irrigation District canal off of Bruns Road. CLIFFORD OTO / Stockton Record

Stockton Record

Stockton Record & Los Angeles Times

In a significant reversal Thursday, state water officials moved to drop their case against two Delta water districts accused of illegally diverting water. The board concluded that a water availability analysis upon which the case was based had "significant" shortcomings. But the state also continued to defend its right to crack down on senior diverters. The decision still must be approved by the full board in June.


Santa Cruz beach ranked worst in water quality

San Francisco Chronicle & Santa Cruz Sentinel

For the third straight year, Cowell Beach in Santa Cruz has been crowned the worst beach in California for water quality, according to a report released Thursday by Heal the Bay. Thanks to persistent drought conditions, though, Cowell is one of the outliers: 89 percent of beaches in Northern California and 95 percent statewide are safe for beachgoers. More details in regional news below.


Overhead irrigation could work here, experts say

Western Farm Press

Overhead irrigation systems have revolutionized agriculture, using less water than furrow irrigation and requiring significantly less labor and maintenance than drip systems. But in California, the No. 1 agriculture state in the nation, it hasn't gotten off the ground. That could be changing.

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