Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Water rules

EPA strengthens federal protections for small streams

"The rule does not add any new requirements for agriculture… and does not interfere with private property rights," McCarthy said. WASHINGTON POST

Washington Post

Washington Post & McClatchy

The White House today finalized a rule intended to strengthen and clarify the Clean Water Act, setting up a clash with Republicans in Congress and the agriculture industry. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy said tributaries such as streams that flow into larger water bodies will be covered, in addition to wetlands and smaller bodies that adjoin them.


MWD 'cash for grass' program gets $350M boost

Riverside Press-Enterprise

Rebates for turf removal and other water-saving efforts received a $350 million boost from Metropolitan Water District leaders Tuesday. The funding increase, on top of $100 million already budgeted, takes the total two-year incentive program to $450 million through the fiscal year ending in 2016.


A small town pays a hefty price to drill for water

KPIX San Francisco

The small town of La Grange sits right between a lake and a reservoir, but it's still about to run out of water. While the town digs for a solution, it comes with a hefty price. With lake levels at historic lows, and houseboats stacked in parking lots, the town is digging deep for plan "B." And there's no guarantee it will pay off.

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