Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cut off, again

Massive landslide brings new level of Big Sur isolation

A Monterey County Sheriff's helicopter shows an aerial view of the recent landslide at Mud Creek in Big Sur. The landslide has buried Highway 1 under a 40-foot layer of rock and dirt. SFGate


San Francisco Chronicle

The magic of Big Sur lies in its seclusion. This year, though, the detachment has become a bit much. Tuesday, a heap of dirt and rocks a quarter-mile wide lay across Highway 1 near the tiny town of Gorda, three days after the biggest landslide that locals can remember. The area, ravaged by fire during the historic drought, is now experiencing the fallout of this year’s record rainstorms.


Decimated by drought, salmon fishing on the brink

Sacramento Bee

A wet winter may have finally pulled the state out of its historic drought, but the tail is long for California salmon fishermen. Five dry years brought abysmal conditions for the hatching and survival of new fish. It's a brutal blow for the salmon fishing industry.


Group crowdsources science to 'Keep Tahoe Blue'

Sierra Sun

With 72 miles of shoreline and flows from more than 150 stormwater pipes, keeping an eye on what ends up in Lake Tahoe is easier said than done. For the last five years the League to Save Lake Tahoe, known for its slogan "Keep Tahoe Blue," has been relying on citizen science to monitor drainage sites and collect water samples around the lake.