Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tactical maneuver

California water bill has 3 possible paths for passage

The House Rules Committee is expected to pack the California water bill and about three dozen other bills onto the Senate energy legislation today.



House Republicans this week are adding a controversial California water bill to an unrelated Senate energy package. The unexpected energy bill maneuver gives San Joaquin Valley lawmakers a third vehicle they might propel all the way to the White House. At the least, it builds up steam for the GOP drive to boost California water storage and divert more irrigation deliveries to Valley farms.


Berkeley lab joins groundwater recharge study

Modesto Bee

One of the nation's top centers for science will look at how stormwater seeps into almond orchards in the Modesto area and beyond. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory announced Monday that it has joined a groundwater recharge study that already involves the Almond Board of California and other partners.


Report: Marine, coastal impacts of desalination

Water in the West

Stanford's Woods Institute for the Environment collaborated with Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Nature Conservancy to facilitate an Uncommon Dialogue among cross-sector experts on the potential impacts of ocean desalination on coastal and marine ecosystem. Here is their report.

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