Thursday, May 21, 2015

Water cuts loom

State regulators to order farmers — for the first time — to stop pumping from San Joaquin River watershed

Friday's orders will be the start of expected across-the-board cuts for the state's most senior rights holders. KRON San Francisco


KRON San Francisco

State regulators are ordering farmers to stop pumping from the San Joaquin River watershed for the first time in memory. At a public drought hearing, state water board engineer Kathy Mrowka said that curtailment orders will be sent to so-called senior rights holders Friday. These farmers have had rights to rivers and streams for centuries, and have the oldest rights in the state.


ACWA offers advice on water storage investments

Association of California Water Agencies

ACWA Executive Director Timothy Quinn presented the California Water Commission yesterday with recommendations for investing in water storage projects to meet the state's water needs. The recommendations are intended to help inform and guide the commission as it develops its process for allocating $2.7 billion in funding for water storage projects under Proposition 1.


Drought drives more reliance on wastewater reuse

Water Online

After four years of drought and mixed results from efforts to roll back water use, the scale of California's water crisis has brought the state to the brink of massive investments in water supply, including desalination, water diversion, and water treatment. One solution certain to receive significant new funding in the years ahead, according to a new study, is wastewater reuse.

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