Friday, May 19, 2017

Double trouble

Rising sea levels could mean twice as much flood risk

The water-level components that contribute to coastal flooding.

Los Angeles Times

The effects of rising oceans on coastal flooding may be even worse than we thought. Scientists have found that a mere 10 to 20 centimeters of sea-level rise — which is expected by 2050 — will more than double the frequency of serious flooding events in many parts of the globe, including along the California coastline. The new findings highlight the need to properly predict and prepare for these effects.


Maui's bleached coral reefs now a 'priority site'

Maui News

During Hawaii's mass coral bleaching event in 2014–15, the reefs of Maui were among the hardest hit. Now, they've been marked as a "priority site" in a recovery plan put together by environmental agencies. The state's first coral bleaching recovery plan looks at the top management strategies for areas most impacted by bleaching, including West Hawaii, North Kauai and Oahu's Kaneohe Bay.