Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sharp reversal

New rules give water districts control over conservation

The modified regulation replaces the existing state-imposed mandatory conservation standards with a locally driven, supply-based assessment process. ACWA


Sacramento Bee & San Francisco Chronicle

Marking a major shift in water policy, state regulators Wednesday voted to lift the statewide conservation targets that for the past year have required dramatic cutbacks in irrigation and household water use. The new rules adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board allow individual agencies to propose their own conservation standards, based on the health of their water supplies and anticipated local demand.


Changing land uses will shape water demands

U.S. Geological Survey

If past patterns of California land-use change continue, projected water needs by the year 2062 will increase beyond current supply, according to new USGS projections. If historical trends of land use changes to or from urban, agricultural or other uses continue, the result will be increased water-use demand beyond what existing supplies can provide.


Water systems need investment and affordability

Circle of Blue

Utilities are being pulled by opposing economic and infrastructure pressures. Nested within the financing challenge is another vexation: How to ensure, in the frenzy of potential construction, that poor people and small communities still have access to clean, affordable water. It is a question without a simple answer.

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