Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dire warning

Most California trout and salmon at risk of extinction

Researchers look at Chinook salmon smolts that had been raised in a rice field near Woodland. RANDALL BENTON / Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee

San Diego Union-Tribune & East Bay Times

Three-quarters of California’s trout and salmon are at risk of extinction over the next century because of climate change, drought and other threats, a report by UC Davis and CalTrout warned Wednesday. The report said that 21 of 31 types of salmonid fish will disappear unless we figure out how to manage harm linked to dams, water diversions, habitat damage and other problems. The bleak outlook was softened by a note of hope: Scientists say there is time to save the salmon.


Farmers look back at range of drought's impacts

California Farm Bureau Federation

Lessons learned during the California drought will help farmers and ranchers cope with the next one — and those lessons extended beyond the farm to policy and public perception. Four farmers from different parts of the Central Valley talked about impacts of the drought during a panel discussion last week at the Association of California Water Agencies event.


Survey: 62% don't read local water quality reports

Public Works Magazine

A national study conducted by the Water Quality Association shows that 62 percent of households nationwide either didn't receive or don't know if they received their community's annual consumer confidence report about the quality of their drinking water. That's up from 56 percent in a 2015 survey of consumer opinions and perceptions regarding water quality.