Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Basin battle

How the Colorado River's future depends on Salton Sea

A map shows the location of the Salton Sea and the Colorado River Basin. CENTRAL BASIN WATER DISTRICT


Water Deeply

California's largest lake, the Salton Sea, has become a sticking point in negotiations between three states over the future of the Colorado River. California, Arizona and Nevada are in the midst of negotiating a drought contingency plan. It would commit each state to reducing diversions from the Colorado River in order to prevent Lake Mead from shrinking to disastrously low levels.


Critical deadline in groundwater law approaches

California Farm Bureau Federation & Maven's Notebook

Just weeks away from the deadline, counties, irrigation districts, farmers and other entities are finalizing agreements to form locally controlled groundwater sustainability agencies. In April, DWR provided an overview of GSA formations to date as well as a preview of new tools to aid in developing groundwater sustainability plans.


Floating solar panels are a possible wave of future

KSWB San Diego

A plan to use floating solar panels at Olivenhain Reservoir is moving forward. The first solar array of its kind has been billed as a triple technology threat by producing energy, saving water and cutting costs. The plan is to cover 10 percent of the reservoir with solar panels that would generate roughly 6 megawatts of power annually, which translates to powering 1,500 houses a year.