Monday, May 16, 2016

Not in sync

Question for the ages: Can Congress pass a water bill?

Tuesday's hearing could thus foreshadow the bill's path to the Senate floor and eventual negotiations with the House.


California's two Democratic senators remain somewhat out of sync over proposed water legislation, underscoring its ambiguous future on the eve of a big hearing. Four months after Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduced her latest water package, Sen. Barbara Boxer is still evaluating the 185-page bill. Boxer's wait-and-see attitude hints at complex undercurrents, as she supports some parts of Feinstein's bill while seeking more feedback about other parts.


Water bond not meant for cutting-edge projects

KNTV San Jose & Legislative Analyst's Office

An NBC Bay Area analysis of projects funded by the $7.5 billion water bond found little high-tech, innovative projects that some say are needed to upgrade the state's aging water infrastructure. The analysis also discovered that, so far, no money has gone to fund drought solutions included in the bond, such as desalination projects and direct stormwater management, as well as efforts to fund integrated regional water management.


Arsenic, drinking water and a struggle for change

KPIX San Francisco

You may not know the name Kettleman City. But if you have ever driven to Los Angeles you've been through this community in the Central Valley, where the tap water's been tainted for decades. In a ritual every other week, a truck pulls up with drinking water for residents. This is a story about its struggle for change. >> SEE PART 2

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