Thursday, May 14, 2015

Seller's market

Despite cutbacks, Sacramento Valley weighs water sale

Well water is pumped into a rice field called a “check” on rice farmer Ed Sills' organic operation last year in Pleasant Grove. RANDALL BENTON / Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee

Even as they cope with their own cutbacks, several Sacramento Valley water agencies are contemplating major water sales to huge farming interests south of the Delta. Some of the water would be sold for as much as $700 an acre-foot, a princely sum that reflects the increasing desperation among some Central Valley farming operations.


As the drought drags on, native species suffer

Davis Enterprise

Humans aren't the only ones suffering in the drought. Several native species are struggling with water depletions while others experience temporary setbacks until the rains return. The impact of water infrastructure magnifies the struggles that fish already face in a drought where stream flows are steadily declining.


Saving money on water by cutting electricity use

UC Riverside Today

The California Energy Commission approved a $3 million grant for University of California Riverside engineers to work with three water districts in Southern California to reduce their need for electricity when transporting and treating wate.

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