Friday, May 12, 2017

Grapes' path

Napa vineyards, conservationists battle for the hills

Workers at Hill Family Estate in Napa Valley. KIMIHIRO HOSHINO / AFP-Getty Images

Yale 360

Yale Environment 360

In Napa County, neighboring Sonoma County, and the Willamette Valley of Oregon, concern is growing among some residents, environmentalists and scientists about the expansion of vineyards into forested regions and the impacts on watersheds and biodiversity. The creeks flowing off the Napa hills are critical to populations of steelhead and salmon, and biologists say the irrigation of vineyards has reduced stream flows and clogged waterways with eroded soils.


Helicopters to buzz coast to map, analyze aquifers

Monterey Herald

Starting Monday, a helicopter will be flying low over a coastal section of Monterey County, sending pulses of electrical current underground. The Marina Coast Water District-sponsored flights are part of a groundwater management effort aimed at assessing the extent of seawater intrusion in area water basins linked to the district's water supply.


300,000 baby salmon die after hatchery mishap

Sacramento Bee

As many as 300,000 baby salmon died Wednesday inside the temporary holding ponds they'd been staying in since the Oroville Dam crisis in early February. State officials blamed a faulty wire for switching off a pump at the Thermalito hatchery. Electricians quickly repaired the problems, and were able to save the remainder of the 2 million fish at the facility.