Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Decision on tap

California farmers in line for more drought cutbacks

Storage in Shasta Lake should be rising this time of year, but lingering drought and river flows to maintain salinity levels in the Bay Delta region have taken a toll on the large reservoir. WESTERN FARM PRESS

Western Farm Press

Sacramento Bee

State water regulators spent last week hammering cities and suburbs with unprecedented cutbacks in urban water use. Now, they’re turning their attention back to agriculture. Officials said Monday that they expect to issue “curtailment orders” soon to the state’s most senior water rights holders, effectively shutting off the flow of river water to some of the major agricultural districts.


State river groups call for strong drought actions

KOVR Sacramento & KION Salinas

The Friends of the River group joined several other conservation organizations to call for more efforts to support groundwater storage, instead of building more dams in California. Friends of the River say they want to send a message to lawmakers that building dams isn't the solution.


Where does groundwater begin — rain or snow?

Chico Enterprise-Record

Butte County is moving ahead to learn more about groundwater recharge. Does the water found in wells in the valley come from snowpack? Or is the water from rain on flat land? This information could help the state's water leaders understand where important groundwater recharge zones are.

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