Monday, May 11, 2015

Water's hierarchy

Will drought force changes in historic water rights?

Water rights don't add up. DAVID PIERCE/KQED


KQED San Francisco

Once again, state officials have ordered thousands of junior water-rights holders to stop pumping. They've also warned that senior water-rights holders could be limited later this year, if the limits on junior rights holders aren't enough. Gov. Brown has said if the dry conditions continue, the state's entire water rights system could be up for examination.


Reactions mixed to drought barrier in the Delta

KGO San Francisco, Business Times & Maven's Notebook

The state has begun a massive construction project to retain fresh water, known by some as a drought barrier, on the West False River. A leader in Bethel Island, though, says that the river barrier threatens the safety and economy of his community. A court petition has been filed to stop construction until CEQA rules are met.


Game of thrones: Toilets of the future save more

Riverside Press-Enterprise

The toilet is a player in the drought, accounting for 27 percent of indoor water use. The efficiency of a toilet helps dictate how much water a family uses — or doesn't — in any given day. That's why engineers are working on all manner of toilets of the future.

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