Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mission: Possible

Aggressive new drought rules: Now comes the hard part

State figures indicate that another 25 percent water savings could be a tall order for California consumers. STATE WATER RESOURCES CONTROL BOARD


KQED San Francisco & KCRA Sacramento

The clock is ticking. After state regulators approved California's first statewide water restrictions, it's now up to nearly 3,000 water agencies, big and small, to make it work. They're calling it "Mission: Possible." But water managers meeting in Sacramento this week know that implementing the state's mandatory water cutbacks will not be easy.


Water districts scramble to deal with tiers ruling

Los Angeles Times

An appeals court last month struck down a tiered rate system in one city that charged more for water than the cost of providing it — a decision that has broad implications across the state. Now, agencies must prove that high water rates for heavy users are not meant as punishment but reflect the cost of delivering the extra water.


Test your knowledge with a California drought quiz

San Francisco Chronicle

California's historic drought has residents, businesses and farms facing big cuts to their water use, raising questions about what is good use and what is waste. Test your knowledge of California water use by taking this quiz.

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