Friday, May 5, 2017

Co-pilot project

East Bay reservoir to store Valley farm water in big test

The Los Vaqueros Reservoir near Brentwood can be used to store irrigation water for the Westlands Water District, under a deal approved Wednesday. DOUG DURAN / Bay Area News Group

Bay Area News Group

East Bay Times

The nation's largest irrigation district will store water in the Los Vaqueros Reservoir in a test of how the lake can be used as drought insurance for millions of Californians. The cooperative venture is between two past rivals over many Delta water issues: the Contra Costa Water District and the Fresno-based Westlands Water District.


State poll sees strong support for desalination

Association of California Water Agencies

Nine out of 10 voters polled in California favor desalination efforts and 78 percent of surveyed voters say they would be more likely to vote for a candidate for elected office who supports seawater desalination, a new statewide poll released Thursday shows.


'Water in the Balance' highlights research at UC

UC Merced

UC Water is a multicampus research initiative with the goal of using technology to create a comprehensive understanding of California's complex water system. It's also the subject of Water in the Balance, the first in a series of videos to be broadcast on UCTV's newest channel, Sustainable California. The video premieres today.