Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Water's rise & fall

JPL scientists want to talk to you about what is really going on with the planet's water supply

Jay Famiglietti, senior water scientist at JPL and professor of Earth System Science at UC Irvine, says everyone in Southern California needs to understand what is really happening below ground with one of the most essential materials known to human life: water. JPL


Pasadena Now

Think all the recent rain in Northern California solved our water crisis? Heard that the state is reducing Pasadena's water savings requirements because water supplies are much better again? Sighing in relief? Two JPL scientists say "not so fast" and they'll tell you why at a public forum Thursday morning.


The data center powering our water management


In California, water management is a big deal, and the I.T. infrastructure at the Department of Water Resources needed a major refresh. DWR began its transition from a physical data center to a cloud-based, software-defined data center in March 2015.


Economies may start to shrink due to scarce water

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Economies across large swathes of the globe could shrink dramatically by mid-century as fresh water grows scarce due to climate change, the World Bank reported Tuesday. Water scarcity would not have the same impact worldwide, and Western Europe and North American economies would likely be spared.

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