Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Back on track

Californians return to their water-saving ways in March

Californians water use down 24.3% compared to March 2013! Great effort! DWR


San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Usually a tough month for water savings, Californians saved 35 billion gallons of water in March as compared to the same month in 2013 for a 24.3 percent water saving, state water officials reported this morning. Statewide cumulative savings from June 2015 to March 2016 totaled 23.9 percent. Conservation feats by some Inland Empire water users stood out, while residents in the Sacramento area used 37 percent less water in March than during the same month last year.


A growing water crisis surfaces in Borrego Springs

San Diego Union-Tribune

The water crisis in Borrego Springs is as simple to understand as it will be difficult to solve. Citrus and palm ranches in northern Borrego Springs are sucking huge amounts of water from the underground lake beneath their land — far more than the state is likely to allow in the future. The problem? The city has no feasible way to import water.


Mission Viejo to test waters using treated sewage

Orange County Register

Mission Viejo will contribute $4 million toward a plan — in the works for about a year — to fill the 124-acre Lake Mission Viejo with highly treated sewage water instead of drinking water. It would be the first recreational lake in California to be fed with advanced purified water that experts say would be safe for swimmers and the lake's fish population.

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