Monday, April 27, 2015

New normal

Stanford scientists predict less rain from here on out

A huge dome of stagnant air has spent much of the past four winters parked off the West Coast, driving the storm path far north of California. LEAH MILLS/San Francisco Chronicle

S.F. Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

What's gone wrong with the weather? Ever since California began drying out four years ago, a crew of earth scientists at Stanford University has been working on that question. Their bad guy is the drought, one of the worst in California's history. And one of the most mysterious. What has changed? Why did it change? And is that change permanent?


Drought tests strength of Gold Rush water rights

Sacramento Bee

As California stretches into a fourth year of drought, regulators are expanding their reach and running into resistance from holders of some of California's oldest and strongest water rights. The rights are concentrated in the state's northern reaches and in counties around the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.


Drought doesn't stop ambitious salmon revival

Fresno Bee

The San Joaquin is home to the nation's most ambitious salmon-river restoration — bringing back both fish and a river six decades after they died. Now in its sixth year, the revival won't stop even for California's dire drought.

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