Wednesday, April 26, 2017


New study: Drought raised electricity bills, air pollution

Impacts of California's 5-Year Drought on Hydroelectricity Generation. PACIFIC INSTITUTE

Pacific Institute

Mercury News & Sacramento Bee

California's brutal five-year drought did more than lead to water shortages and dead lawns. It increased electricity bills statewide by $2.45 billion and boosted levels of smog and greenhouse gases, according to a new study released today. Californians' electricity costs jumped by a combined $2.45 billion from 2012–16 because of severe shortages of cheap hydroelectricity, according to an estimate by the Pacific Institute.


Delta levee, ratepayer protection bills advance

East Bay Times

Two bills that would protect Delta levees and ratepayers passed Tuesday in the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee. AB 732, which extends reimbursements for levee maintenance, passed on a 10-to-4 vote. AB 791, which requires Delta project leads to provide anticipated rate information, passed 8 to 6.


State water experts discuss ESA, climate change

Maven's Notebook

With a new administration in Washington that has taken a different view of environmental regulation, changes in the Endangered Species Act seem more possible. The effects of climate change threaten to further complicate efforts. At the California Water Policy Conference earlier this month, a lively panel moderated by East Bay MUD's Doug Wallace discussed these issues and more.