Friday, April 24, 2015

Letters of the law

State orders no water diversions, despite legal rights

California officials began issuing water curtailment orders for users on the Scott River and San Joaquin River watershed. The order affects junior rights holders. WESTERN FARM PRESS

Western Farm Press

KCRA Sacramento

About 1,500 farms and individuals in the Central Valley received letters Thursday, ordering them to stop taking water from rivers and streams for irrigation. It was the start of the latest round of water restrictions as rivers across California run too dry to provide enough water for crops and to provide safe passage for fish. The order only applies to those who obtained water licenses after 1914 under California's water rights system.


Assembly acts to prohibit fines for brown lawns

Los Angeles Times

Alarmed that some cities have fined residents for allowing their lawns to turn brown during the drought, the state Assembly passed a bill Thursday that would prohibit penalties for failing to water grass. The measure, AB 1, passed 74 to 0 and now goes to the state Senate for consideration.


Valley reservoir supporters set to rally at Capitol

Modesto Bee

Farmers and other water users will head Monday to the state Capitol to show support for two bills that are important to their cause. One bill would streamline the environmental review for reservoirs that could be funded in part by a bond measure approved by state voters in November. The other aims to slow a state effort to increase flows for fish on the lower Merced, Tuolumne and Stanislaus rivers.

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