Friday, April 21, 2017

Still too dry

With drought assistance forecast to end, Tulare County searches for solutions; many still rely on bottled water

East Porterville in Tulare County was possibly the hardest hit place by the drought. EZRA ROMERO / KVPR Fresno


KVPR Fresno

Earlier this month Gov. Jerry Brown declared the drought over in all but four Valley counties. Now the state says it won't fund drought assistance programs past June. Tulare County is still seeing drought impacts — and to continue drought assistance there it'll take about $4 million annually.


Hydropower plant not harmful to Joshua Tree park

Palm Springs Desert Sun

Federal officials have concluded that infrastructure for a proposed hydropower project — which would tap billions of gallons of groundwater in the California desert, just outside Joshua Tree National Park — wouldn't be especially harmful to the environment.


Sierra mountain water back on tap for 800,000

East Bay Times

Sierra mountain water sweet to the palate is back on tap for 800,000 East Bay residents. The East Bay Municipal Utility District reported Thursday that it has resumed piping drinking water from the Mokelumne River directly to customers in communities west of the Oakland-Berkeley hills.