Monday, April 20, 2015

Drought FAQ

What you need to know about state's water restrictions

From an inspection boat in February 2014, San Gabriel Dam operators Herbert Romero, center, and Jose Aguilar use a measuring tape to determine that the depth of San Gabriel Reservoir near the dam is 50 feet deep. The lingering drought has exposed more than 121 feet of the reservoir's shoreline. DON BARTLETTI/Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

The state water board has modified its proposed conservation regulations in an attempt to incorporate feedback from urban water suppliers, interest groups and members of the public who had roundly criticized its framework. The board addressed some — but not all — of those concerns in its latest draft regulations, released Saturday. Here's a look at the changes.


Towns shrink amid drought, in more ways than one

NBC News

For decades, a third-generation Central Valley farmer has grown cantaloupes, but this year he won't — and he'll leave one-third of his 11,500-acre farm fallow. Part of the reason: Water levels in underground aquifers near the small farm town of Stratford have dropped an average of 80 feet in just three years.


Tiny plastics are likely polluting Sacramento River

Sacramento Bee

A UC Davis researcher is studying whether tiny bits of plastic used in consumer products are accumulating in Sacramento-area rivers and flowing out to the Pacific Ocean. Their small size — 5 particles can fit on the edge of a penny — means they don’t get filtered out of wastewater. A growing number of scientists want them phased out.

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