Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hurdles ahead?

Critics of Delta water tunnels put project to votes today

Assembly Bill 1713 would mandate heretofore unnecessary voter approval and Assembly Bill 2583 would put some new hurdles in front of the project. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Wikimedia Commons

Sacramento Bee

For all the plaudits Gov. Jerry Brown gets from Democrats these days, there are still two big things dividing him from numerous members of his party: the Delta tunnels. Today, a pair of Democratic lawmakers from the region of peak tunnel distrust will put up bills intended to pump the brakes on the proposed $15 billion project.


Canal water flows in Fresno, Visalia for recharge

Fresno Bee

For the first time in more than two years, water is flowing inside the Friant-Kern and Madera canals for groundwater recharge and farm irrigation. But the shimmering liquid that is being shunted from the canals into local ditches does not signal an end to the drought.


Bay Area dam project reaches a major milestone

Mercury News

In a significant step for the largest reservoir project in the Bay Area in 20 years (pricetag: $810 million), workers have finished building the spillway — a massive concrete channel as wide as eight lanes of freeway and a quarter-mile long — at Calaveras Dam near the Alameda-Santa Clara county line.

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