Monday, April 18, 2016

Analyzing water

Delta-groundwater nexus: Effects of ending overdraft

Average annual changes to accommodate ending groundwater overdraft of 1.2 million acre-ft in California's Central Valley. CALIFORNIA WATER BLOG

CA Water Blog

California Water Blog

Surface water and groundwater management are often tightly linked, even when linkage is not intended or expected. This link has special importance in drier regions, such as California. A new paper examines the economic and water management effects of ending long-term overdraft in the Central Valley.


Schools buy water filters, but fountains are fine

San Francisco Chronicle

A growing distaste and distrust of tap water has prompted many school districts to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on heavily marketed filters — some of which use a process that discards some water as waste — even though the schools say there's nothing wrong with what's flowing from their pipes.

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